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military history:

The following history has been included, not in particular for its relative importance, or as a celebration of these experiences in particular, but for its relevance to the public work of tyler boudreau. This has involved discussions of war, occupation, military culture, and veterans issues (i.e. post-traumatic stress, moral injury, social/political identity, etc.). In the years since his discharge, many social issues have become important focal points for tyler boudreau and his work; however, this military experience remains, for him, a vital entry point into such discussions.  

tyler boudreau served twelve years of active service in the U.S. Marine Corps infantry.


Enlisted (1989-1993), NROTC-Holy Cross (1993-1997), Officer (1997-2005)


In 2004, tyler boudreau deployed to Iraq with 2d Battalion, 2d Marines as the Battalion Assistant Operations Officer. The battalion's primary Area of Operation was located in the Northern Babil province on the southern edge of Baghdad, however, the unit also conducted operations in al Anbar and Fallujah. Upon completion of this tour, tyler assumed command of Company F, 2/2 at Camp Lejeune, NC. In May 2005, he relinquished command of Company F and resigned his commission.


Awaiting final separation, tyler boudreau served as 2d Marine Regiment rear element OIC and Casualty Assistance Calls Officer until December 2005.


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